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Swarnjit Savi's Home Page

Swarnjit Savi (b 1958) has published six volumes of poetry -Daryan Di Qabr Chon (Out of the Labyrinth of Graves), Avagya (Disobedience), Dard Payade Hon Da (The Agony of Being Chess Men ) Dehi Naad (Desire), Kameshwari (The Epic of Kama), Tarakheen Yudh (An Inconsequential War). As an artist, his creativity has found keen expression in oil paintings. He has the distinction of holding exhibitions of his paintings at Art Heritage, Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Art India . Desire, series in Oil Paintings was organised to much critical acclaim by the Thakur Singh Art Gallery, Amritsar, National Museum & Art Gallery Chandigarh in 1997and Patiala Art World in 1998-99.His artCave, the reputed publishing centre for commercial designing and book covers, has the distinction of bringing out over twenty volumes of poetry and more than hundred other publications. Savi's poetry is translated in many other indian languages.These days he is working as art director in Ludhiana (Punjab India)

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